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The Monocle book of entrepreneurs

Over the years I have been inspired by Monocle Magazine and the articles contained within. It's incredibly humbling to now be featured in their new book ' The Monocle book of entrepreneurs' . Featured alongside creators and entrepreneurs that inspire me on a daily basis.

A book about how to run your own business and find a better quality of life.

L.A.S. Vino

Margaret River , Australia.

The young producer who forged his own

path to create a full-bodied offering

Founded: 2013

Employees: 2 to 3

From idea to reality: 2 years

For Nic Peterkin, wine runs in the blood: his father is a winemaker and his mother hails

from one of the area's oldest winemaking families. After applying to medical school,

Peterkin surrendered to his fate and studied for a master's in oenology. He honed his

skills in Mexico and the US before returning to Margaret River. "I had this burning desire

to create the kind of wines that I'd tried overseas but by using different methods,"

he says. And so, in 2013, LAS Vino was born.

While it's customary for producers to grow grapes onsite, LAS Vino finds the best

vineyards for each variety.” We use certain methods because they lead to wines that have more flavour" he says. In an industry that's defined by tradition, almost everything Peterkin does seems unconventional, be it buying grapes from other vineyards or producing different varietals, which are bottled in vessels that resemble champagne or port bottles. But Peterkin is fastidious when it comes to his craft. "I learnt from both sides of my family that the little things matter."

Q&A with Nic Peterkin

I.What's the biggest challenge of your sector?

The variability of the weather - it takes part in how much you can produce and the quality.Some years our yield will be down by so percent making it difficult to forecast cash flow.

2.What does company culture mean to you?

Understanding what you and your staff value and working towards that together.

3. How do you build your team? If people like the vision you're projecting with the brand and business they will be drawn to work for or with your company.

4.What's the best thing about being your own boss? Surfing before work in the morning.

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