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The L.A.S. Vino Albino PNO

In the endless sea of bland tasteless rose this wine stands as a lighthouse guiding the way and shining the light. More than a rose, but not quite a red, not a white or an orange wine it sits above and alone as a truly unique creation.

Most wines begin with a grape varietal or a vineyard, with this wine we started with an idea. How can we create strawberries and cream in a glass. We read books on the different varieties, their aromas and characters. We found that if pinot noir was picked early, aromas of strawberries would shine in the glass. Chardonnay can give traits of butter and cream with a malolactic fermentation and stirring of the lees. The first year the wine was made we whole bunch pressed the pinot noir in the exact same way we would chardonnay, and the resulting wine was not rose as expected but white. The Albino PNO was born. Every year the wine is slightly different; in hue, texture and style. Wine is not meant to be consistent and constant but should flow and change reflecting the season in which it is grown.

The years are like chapters of the same book the characters remain the same but there is a new story to tell, the characters develop and grow, moving the story forward with time.

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