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Halliday's Dark Horse Winner!

Nic Peterkin was born with pedigree winemaking blood in his veins, but his own ingenuity and hard work have got him to where L.A.S. Vino is today.

Nic has consistently produced wines that push boundaries and show a penchant for his calculated, out-of-the-box style of thinking. Whether it is alternate fermentation vessels, wildly extended time on skins (one nebbiolo once spent something like 400+ days on skins), experimental processes (fermenting grapes in sea water, or using the yeast of native flora, for example)

Nic throws himself at wine with freshness and a vivacity and a curiosity that are catching. To say that the wines are expressive, and individual is true, but it doesn’t quite tell the whole story. These wines have a tendency to extract unexpected descriptors, flavours and experiences from the writer, and the drinker, all the while portraying a classicism and accuracy of site that make them so brilliant – Erin Larkin

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Apex Hospital
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