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Discovering new flavours in the world of wine through

Luck Art & Science

Using  luck, art, and science (L.A.S.) we aim to make absolutely delicious, delectable, desirable drops and to discover new flavours in the world of wine. Based in Margaret River, Western Australia, our mantra is minimal intervention with maximum flavour and where possible we aim to work with growers using sustainable, organic and biodynamic vineyard methods. We hope you enjoy drinking the wines as much as we enjoyed making them.

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Gourmet Traveller Wine

'It’s Nic Peterkin’s drive, thoughtful winemaking, ability to blend a scientific approach with a sense of fun, determination to forge his own path, and the joy he takes in tackling the diverse chores that face a small winery which make him the ideal recipient of this year’s Young Winemaker Medal.'

Monocle Magazine

'For this young producer, wine is a family affair. But not one to take the easy route he has forged his own path and the full-bodied results are a testament to his talent'

Australian Financial Review

'Drinks that break rules, defy expectations, revive lost ideas. Blending grapes that have never before been inside the same bottle and combining flavours and techniques in previously unimagined ways'

The Australian

'L is for the luck involved in plucking the right numbers from the genetic lottery. A is for the artistic sensibility required to make wines of depth and beauty. S is for the scientific mind. Winemaking is very much from the soft-touch school, gentle handling of the fruit, Minimal manipulation of the wines. Allowing the inherent flavours and textures to shine.'

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