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Top 100 Wineries 2023

L.A.S. Vino has made it into Halliday's top 100 wineries of 2023. It's the admiration for our peers in the list that gives us so much pleasure in being announced at number 54. With over 2000 wineries in Australia, sitting at number 54 makes us pretty proud.

In the words of editor Campbell Mattinson at Hallidays Wine companion

'This is a list of producers who are prepared to stake their reputation on every single wine they release. Arm yourself with these names and you can walk into any bottle shop in Australia, or peruse any wine list, and be ripe to pick the eyes from it. These are producers that essentially guarantee that you'll drink well"

54. L.A.S. Vino

Margaret River, Western Australia

Given that Nic Peterkin's family lineage includes both Cullen and Pierro, it's no surprise that the wines he produces are rooted in the soundest of foundations, and are never anything other than high quality. But from there, all bets are off, and anything is possible. If Peterkin were a footballer he'd bob and weave through traffic as if it were hardly there. He has an innate feel for wine; he impresses, he disrupts, he creates drama in the glass across a range of usual and not-so-usual Margaret River suspects.

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