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The 2022 Pirate Blend

A masterpiece of rebellion against the mundane!

Ahoy there, you adventurous souls! Embark on a sensory journey with the new 2022 L.A.S. Vino Pirate Blend - a masterpiece of rebellion against the mundane. In this captivating blend, we've meticulously chosen three Portuguese varieties to dance on your palate. Touriga Nacional lends structure and depth, while Tinta Cao brings forth a delicate aroma and finesse. As for Sousao, the darkest berry in our arsenal, she whispers, "the darker the berry, the sweeter the fruit." Harvested from 40-year-old dry-grown vines in Yallingup, every grape tells a tale of resilience. The Pirate Blend, an exclusive concoction, has been elusive, sold out for over a year. Brace yourselves, for the 2022 L.A.S. Vino Pirate Blend is ready to grace your glasses—a privilege reserved for our esteemed scallywags. Seize this moment, and let the waves of flavor transport you to uncharted territories. Cheers to the rebels, the rule-breakers, and the passionate pursuers of life's finest treasures!


Portuguese varieties in Margaret River are rare. So rare that the 40 year old vineyard that we source fruit from, (originally planted to make port), is one of only three small vineyards within the appellation. This is one of the reasons that make it such an interesting and exciting wine to make. The vines are planted on gravelly loam soils on a north east facing slope overlooking Geographe bay. The blend is comprised of three Portuguese varieties: Touriga Nacional for structure, depth and flavour; Tinta Cao for aroma and finesse; and Souzao for colour and acidity.


The fruit was picked by hand, chilled, then bunch and berry sorted. The individual berries were partial crushed and co-fermented for 20-30 days in open fermenters with regular hand plunging prior to pressing. The wine matured in oak for 18 months and was left to settle naturally in stainless steel for a further 2 months prior to bottling.


Ruby red in hue. The wine displays notes of sweet spice, cinnamon, clove, plum compote, blueberry and dark chocolate. Soft silky tannins with an exotic mix of red berry fruit sweetness and cocoa on the palate. Long, complex and an intriguing finish.

Why The Pirate blend? Pirates were the outlaws, the one’s who broke the rules , the fighters, the one’s who lust after life with gusto. They drank with a passion that was truly magnificent. For pirates liquor was the saviour; it soothed the heat of the sun and made the dark nights brighter. This blend is an ode to those salty sea dogs we left behind and those still sailing. Those willing to break the rules and live a life according to nothing but passion and the pursuit of personal desire.

2022 L.A.S. Vino Pirate Blend
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