2020 L.A.S. Vino 'Wildberry Springs' Chardonnay




Sitting in the heart of Willyabrup, growing on rich gravelly loam soils, this 25 year old vineyard is imaculate, with no vines out of place, its almost perfect. It took a few years of begging to be able to pick fruit from this vineyard.  Planted by John Durack, who’s family were the first to bring cattle over the top end into the kimberly. This is the fourth year we have made wine from this incredible site.  The majority of this wine is made from gin-gin with a small percentage of clone three and five for complexity. 




Hand picked first thing in the morning, chilled overnight, whole bunch pressed and naturally fermented in oak. The primary fermentation took over 9 months to complete and was still ticking away in November. A natural malo occured during this time as well. We stirred the lees fortnightly, but due to the extended fermentation this wine was in a constant flux. Bringing energy, texture and weight to a wine which in previous years has been known by its purity and tension. 8 Barrels of this wine were fermented and matured in 1-2 year old French oak.  In addition to this we used a singular new stockinger austrian oak barrique and a singular new Damy allier barrique.  


The wine:


Personnaly I have never had a fermentation last for longer than 6 weeks, let alone 9 months.  To be honest we still have 2 barrels of this wine fermenting away in the cellar, and as I write we are about to pick this years fruit.This gentle extended natural fermenation has provided the wine with a lot of energy, power and flux. Its rich, full and complex, with the solids providing a hint of flint and struck match. This will be the last year the fruit from this vineyard will be fermented in

  • 2019 L.A.S. Vino 'Wildberry Springs' Chardonnay

    "It’s from Willyabrup but flavour-wise it’s not as we know it. Arguably.

    This is so fine, so tense, so nervy, so real. It has the goods and it knows it and yet still it feels apprehensive, intensely wrought; different. It tastes of ginger and green apples, green pineapple, bran, a touch of nougat, grapefruit and something else, something both creamy and unnerving at once. With its great complexity comes great elegance, both of which are remarkable in themselves. I’m not so much taken by it as taken aback; it’s a wine, as you drink it, that starts turning over in your mind. In fact it makes you look it in the eye, and wonder."

    94+ points 

    Cambell Mattinson - The Wine Front 


    2019 L.A.S. Vino 'Wildberry Springs' Chardonnay

    "Nic Peterkin is on a roll, pushing traditional winemaking without dropping the ‘please drink me’ edge. Sourced from the 20-year-old Wildberry Springs vineyard, with 70% of the grapes fermented in ceramic eggs, the balance in barriques. Malolactic fermentation and yeast lees stirring add an extra dimension to the rich peach and melon flavours. The acid is of crisp Granny Smith apples and pink grapefruit, the finish lush and creamy. Enjoy with marron in any form; don’t overchill." 

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    Peter Bourne - Gourmet Traveller WINE 


    2019 L.A.S. Vino 'Wildberry Springs' Chardonnay

    "Pale yellow hues. The nose quite rich with toffee walnuts and custard notes. The palate carries that same richness, with a creaminess that harks back to fuller styles in the '90s. However, this isn't a fat buttery number, there's a driving acid line underneath that weight which keeps building momentum into a very long finish. Layered amongst that is a light fuzz of phenolics as well adding another structural component."

    92 Points

    Stuart Knox - The Real Review