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  • 2023 L.A.S. Vino CBDB
  • 2023 L.A.S. Vino CBDB
  • 2023 L.A.S. Vino CBDB
  • 2023 L.A.S. Vino CBDB

2023 L.A.S. Vino CBDB


CBDB (Chenin Blanc Dynamic Blend).  


A certified organic and biodynamic site at the northern end of the cape. The vineyard is mostly unkept, unpruned and lacks traditional trellising. The vines sprawl everywhere where pigs, geese, guineafowl and cows roam free. The site faces north with a little creek running through the middle of the vineyard.  Native flowers and plants grow under the rows with no herbicides or pesticides sprayed and no cultivation. It is one of only a few certified biodynamic vineyards in the region and was one of the first to receive Demeter certification.


The fruit was hand picked and showed varied levels of ripeness through the vineyard and crop, chilled overnight and hand sorted prior to being lightly cold pressed as whole bunches, very gently over a few hours. A small portion of the wine was destemmed and left on skins for 3 days cold soaking prior to pressing to provide texture.  The juice was left to naturally settle prior to a wild fermention.  No malolactic fermentation and fortnightly lees stirring prior to being bottled with no fining and a light filtration. 


Tastes like:  pink grapefruit, coconut, passionfruit, passiona, pavlova and lime.


Varieties : 100%  Chenin Blanc 

Vineyards:  Yallingup, Margaret River 

Maturation: 10 months in barrique/amphora

Closure: diam cork & hand wax 

Soil: gravelly loam

Certification: certified organic & biodynamic grapes (Demeter) 


Previous Reviews: 

2022 CBDB 

    - 95 Points 'Halliday's Wine Companion'

    - 95 Points Tim White


2021 CBDB

    - 96 Points  'Halliday's Wine Companion'


2020 CBDB

         -96 points  'Halliday's Wine Companion'

         -95 points 'The Real Review'


2019 CBDB

          -96 points 'Gourmet Traveller Wine' 

          -95 points 'The Real Review'


2018 L.A.S. Vino CBDB 

          - 95 Points Gourmet Traveller Wine

          - 95 Points The Real Review 

  • 2022 L.A.S. Vino CBDB 

    "One of my go-to chenins because it delivers on so many levels, especially deliciousness. A slightly richer rendition this vintage with quince and all manner of stone fruits, luscious, refreshing and lively thanks to its acidity, but this is textbook texture. There’s also a saltiness, in a good way, like preserved lemons and sea spray with pear skin-like phenolics, plus some spicy ginger powder and even pepper. Mouth-watering all the way through." 

    95 Points 

    Jane Faulkner -Halliday's Wine Companion- 


    2022 L.A.S. Vino CBDB 

    "Crisp crab apple, grapefruit peel tang, with positive and complexing pong. Kumquat white raspberry pip as it warms too. So tangy smelling and intense. Sapid-smelling Gruyere lees and transitory celery also. Tastes deep and pure too, with baby pineapple and compressed white peach at the sides — fruit which lingers long. Excellent depth and grip with mouthwatering sea salty acid adding to the complex structure. Some negroni bitter orange-iness and a chestnut paste lees contribution. Could drink a bit of this." 

    94 (95) Points 

    Tim White  -Tim White Reviews -


    2021 L.A.S. Vino CBDB 

    "What abeautiful wine this is. So satiny, so satisfying and so sustained. Ittastes of pine, citrus, stone fruit and cedar wood, but what really hasit singing is the way it flows both juicily and yet so sensually. There'senough tension in this to keep it neat, sure, but it's characterised byits soft, seductive roll of open weave flavour. Gorgeous."

    93+ Points

    Campbell Mattinson  - The Wine Front - 


    2020 L.A.S. Vino CBDB

    "Taut, textural, tense and almost nervy, the classic waxiness of chenin emrges only on the mid palate and beyond. This speaks of Geralton wax flower, lanolin, brine, green apples, cheesecloth, a touch of lantana and a sprinkle of grapefruit zest. Long, modern and exciting , it whos chenin in a new light, quite different from the greats of Loire, but no less profound."


    Erin Larkin  - Halliday Wine Companion -


    2020 L.A.S. Vino CBDB

    "This outstanding wine is one of several in the West setting new standards for a grape which has been overlooked for too long in Australia. The colour is bright, light-yellow and it has an intensely fruity aroma of grapefruit, lemon and beeswax, including a subtle note of honey. The wine is intense and medium-bodied, elegant and finely-textured, with lovely balance and sense of completeness. It’s all about the fruit; oak is almost invisible, although there is barrel fermentation involved. A superb dry chenin."


    Huon Hooke  -The Real Review-


    2020 L.A.S. Vino CBDB

    "Light straw-yellow colour with a hint of green to the rim. Lifts from the glass with gardenia, honey, and lemon thyme aromas. A rich and full weight on palate-entry. White nectarines, roasted coconut and soft herbs all fill the mouth whilst a saline minerality lingers underneath. But this wine is all about its textural intensity that is oily yet has crisp acidity that creates a unique tension. Amazing length and drive making for a spectacular example of a local chenin blanc."


    Stuart Knox -The Real Review- 


    2020 L.A.S. Vino CBDB

    "A certified organic and biodynamic chenin blanc that offers an attractive fusion of lemon and peach fruit on the nose, plus some orange zest. The palate holds a very intense orange zest thread, grilled peach and pastry also layer in on the finish. So delicious.

    94 / 100

    Nick Stock -Gourmet Traveller Wine-


    2020 L.A.S. Vino CBDB

    'Complex aromatics, textures and flavours. Intense up front though it eases as it flows; it hones. Cedar, pine, lime, woodsmoke and tropical fruit. A rich elegance.'

    Campbell Mattinson

     The Wine Front 


    2020 L.A.S. Vino CBDB (Chenin Blanc Dynamic Blend)

    'Subtle citrus, green apple and lanolin fruits are lifted by some exotic peach skins. Beautiful energy and vitality on the palate driven by firm acidity and pretty floral touches on the finish'

    Article: Top chenins to try

    -Angus Hughson-

    Gourmet Traveller WINE 


    2019 L.A.S. Vino CBDB

    "Nic Peterkin is fast builiding a reputation as Australi'as chenin blanc maestro. Cooked apples and coconut are the leading aromas, while the palate is rich and fleshy, layered and intriguing. It's long and satisfying, and anything but simple"

    96 Points  (5 Stars) 

    Gourmet Traveller Wine 


    2018 L.A.S. Vino CBDB

    "Light straw-yellow colour, slightly cloudy in the glass - an unfiltered appearance. Lemon, herb and floral aromas, very attractive. The wine is bright and fresh, crisp and lively, with a dry finish and brisk acidity. A touch of nuttiness. Honey grew the longer it was in the glass. Struck-flint notes add to complexity. The palate has good weight and concentration.

    Very good flavour and length, the aftertaste intense and loaded with energy. A superb wine. This could be the best Australian chenin blanc I've ever tasted."

    95/100 Huon Hooke The Real Review

  • Disco. Dynamic in every sense. The cork pops, the wine flows, the legs start moving. We're on, lets party!  

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