2020 L.A.S. Vino Grenache


Strikingly beautiful at 400m above sea level, the vineyard sits on a steep north facing slope in the middle of the Ferguson Valley. Bush vines sprawl across the bare land and remain unirrigated, with fruit sitting just above the ground.


Due to the elevation and high winds the vineyard needs minimal sprays and there are no herbicides or pesticides used. Throughout the vineyard large granite rocks punctuate the gravelly loam top soil. There isn’t a vineyard we have seen that is anything like this and the resulting wine expression of that.


Light in colour 

We only picked two tonne of fruit from this special little vineyard. This year due to climatic conditions, the bunches shrunk to a third of their normal size, leading to a small amount of fruit off the vine. These tiny bunches led to a higher concentration of skin to pulp ratio, producing a wine of intense aromatic complexity and flavour. However it also led to less colour in the wine. The grapes were all different levels of ripeness when picked; some green, some pink and some deep red but all were ripe. The fruit was chilled overnight prior to being bunch sorted and berry sorted by hand. With 30% whole bunches added to the ferment.


Naturally fermented, pumped over once a day and fermented cold to retain aroma and be less extractive.  The wine was then pressed into a 675L amphora and 2 barrels. 


Its delicate, elegant, perfumed but has beautiful structure and length. Poise and refined power in the same bottle. 

  • This totally modern style of Aussie grenache is medium-light red- purple coloured, with foresty, earty, root vegetable aromas that point to whole bunch fermentation. Medium-bodied, the fruit is centre stage but it's not 'fruity'. It's more interesting than that. 



    Gourmet Traveller Wine 


    Bright, raspberry red colour, translucent. Bunchy and bright aromatics of red fruits, rhubarb and cranberries - sapid. Juicy and supple, pinot-esque. It's pretty and perfumed and sinewed. Re-defining style.



    The Real Review 

  • A picnic, a portable speaker, some bites from the deli, a bottle of  light red , a few mismatched glasses and friends.  Spotify plalist here.