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Foot Pain Specialist In Jaipur: Feet bears the whole weight of your body. So,be it a simple muscle strain or sprained ankle, sore feet are always a big trouble in your daily life. You should contact your doctor immediately whenever there is some discomfort in walking, running or standing anytime.Different parts of foot namely ankle, sole, heel, toes or arches can be affected with a moderate to severe pain, which happens due to lifestyle changes, fracture, ulcers, nerve damages, crystal deposition and even Obesity as well.For all sorts of foot injury, we at JPRC Neuro spine centre provide consultancy by our top pain specialists and surgeons. Do not rely on readymade hacks or over-the-counter painkillers, as they might relieve you temporarily but never heal the actual problem.With a fully equipped diagnostic laboratory and a world class team of doctors, Painguru is the only right choice for you.visit us today.

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