A six bottle box containing the:

2021 L.A.S. Vino Petillant Natural

2019 L.A.S. Australian Wild Ale 

2019 L.A.S. Tradional Farmhouse Cider. 


2019 L.A.S. Traditional Farmhouse  Cider


The farmhouse cider is made using 13 different varieties real cider apples from the cooler hills of Denmark in the great southern. These real cider apples are full of flavour, texture, tannin and character, and to our knowledge the only real cider apple trees planted in W.A.  600 bottles produced. 


2019 L.A.S. Australian Wild Ale Barrel #2


An Australian wild ale brewed with fresh water from our dam, mixed yeast cultures from the grapes that grow abundantly in Margaret River. Grains from the vast wheatbelt area of W.A., and Australian grown hops. Left to mature in a singular barrel for two years, where a souring flor developed. Hand bottled and bottle conditioned for four months prior to release. 200 bottles produced. 


2021 L.A.S. Vino Petillant Natural 


We hand bottled this wine with the vintage team on our day off. Mostly pinot noir, with a little chenin blanc hand picked from 30 year old vines in Margaret River. Whole bunch pressed straight to tank for natural fermentation prior to bottling. Left to mature on the ferment lees it was bottled with and tastes as fresh as the day it was picked.  800 bottles produced. 


  • Six Bottle Box  

    2  bottles of  2019 L.A.S. Traditional Farmhouse Cider

    2 bottles of  2019 L.A.S. Australian Wild Ale Barrel #2

    2 bottles of  2021 L.A.S. VINO Petillant Natural