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  • 2020 Golden Girl
  • 2020 Golden Girl

2020 Golden Girl

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Four mature grapes ferment together in Margaret River and experience the joys and angst of their golden years. Strong-willed Semillon, spacey riesling, lusty viognier and matriarch chenin blanc. They all occasionally clash but are there for one another in the end. After all, when the wine's theme song is titled `Thank You for Being a Friend', the girls have to remain friendly with one another. And when we both get older, With walking canes and hair of gray, Have no fear even though it's hard to hear, I will stand here close and say- 


‘Thank you for being a friend’


 -Skin Contact White - 

- Orange Wine-

 -Hand picked - 

 -No filtration -

 -No fining-

 - No Additions-

 - Hand Bottled -

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