2019 L.A.S. Vino 'Fuck Him' Chenin


The label reads:


Our wine is made in Margaret River, Australia, with vines imported from France, watered by Israeli irrigation and tended to by an American tractor. It’s made with grapes picked by a group of Irish, German, Estonian and Korean travelers under the supervision of a South African.


Those grapes are pressed with a Swiss press, and using an Italian pump the juice is transferred into French oak by a Hungarian Canarian and then bottled with the help of a lesbian. The wine is sealed with a cork from Portugal and wax from the Czech Republic and placed into boxes made in China. 


This was written with a program downloaded from India with a label designed by a legend in the USA, proofread by an Eurasian Australian woman in New York. Our wine is exported to Singapore, Sweden, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai and the U.K., and drank by those wanting to bring friends together from all countries, ethnicities, sexes, sexualties and religions! The flavour inside this bottle attests: we are more than where we come from. 


We are what we contribute.


Five dollars from every bottle sold is donated to the Aboriginal Legal Service. 

  • Chenin Blanc from a singular organic/biodynamic vineyard at the northern end of the cape. Naturally fermented in older oak where it rested for 14 months with regular stirring. 

    It tastes like:  pink grapefruit, passionfruit, passiona, pavlova and lime.