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Courage, innovation & taking risks in Australian wine.

In this episode of the UNFILTERED WINE Podcast, we catch up with good mate and iconoclast, Nic Peterkin from L.A.S. Vino in Margaret River. Nic gives his thoughts on the risks of being innovative in one of Australia's blue-chip wine regions. How more small producers should press themselves to find their own voice as a winemaker. And how to build a sustainable and relevant wine label in the face of another Australian wine glut.

It's a fascinating timely chat with one of the most interesting Australian wine minds of our generation. Nic's blood runs red with Margaret River wine. The son of Pierro founder, Dr Mike Peterkin and Shelly Cullen, of you guessed it, Cullen wines fame. His wines are out there, challenging the status quo of one of the country’s most respected wine-producing regions. This is the “New Guard” of Margaret River. And it's very, very exciting. Find all of Nic's current releases at:

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