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This  2017 Chardonnay  was made in Margaret River, Australia from vines imported from France under Israeli irrigation, tended to by an Italian tractor, with grapes picked by a group of Irish, Germans, Estonians, and Koreans under the supervision of a South African.


We pressed the grapes using a Swiss press, and a Mexican winemaker and Dutch girl transferred the wine into French oak. It was then sealed with a cork from Portugal, with wax from the Czech Republic. The wine was bottled with the help of a lesbian, and put into boxes made in Indonesia.


This was written using a program downloaded from India with a label designed by a legend in the USA, proofread by an Eurasian Australian woman in New York and is exported to Singapore, Tokyo, China, and the U.K., and drank by those wanting to bring friends together from all countries, ethnicities, sexes, sexualities, and religions.

As the wine in the bottle attests, we are more than where we come from. We are what we contribute.




Pirates were the outlaws, the one’s who broke the rules , the fighters, the one’s who lust after life with gusto. They drank with a passion that was truly magnificant. For pirates liquor was the saviour; it soothed the heat of the sun and made the dark nights brighter. This blend is an ode to those salty sea dogs we left behind and those still sailing. Those willing to break the rules and live a life according to nothing but passion and the pursuit of personal desire.

The Pirate Blend contains three Portuguese varieties: Touriga Nacional for structure and depth. Tinta Cao for aroma and finesse. Sousao is the darkest berry I know, and you know what they say, the darker the berry, the sweeter the fruit.  

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Fruit from a small vineyard in the heart of Willyabrup, Margaret River. The 20 year old vineyard faces south west towards a large dam on gravelly loam soils.


Hand picked as one batch, bunch sorted, berry sorted and fermented as whole berries. The juice finished fermenting in a clay amphora made in Byron Bay where it matured for a further 10 months prior to bottling with no fining and a light filtration. 

We only made 1000 bottles of this wine. 

Tastes like mulberry, cherry, fruits of the forrest and dark chocolate. 



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The Colour of Rome on fire. The aroma of roses against red bricks in the freshly watered strawberry patch of your grans garden. It feels like red velvet running across your tongue and tastes like long Summer nights.

Destemmed, uncrushed fermented cool and left for 400 days on skins in oak prior to bottling with a light filtration.

1200 bottles 

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Under the liquor control act of 1988, it is an offence to sell of supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years or for a person under the age of 18 to purchase or attempt to purchase liquor. 
L.A.S. Vino- Producer's License- 618211726918